Thursday, 19 May 2016

Grünau: Crystal clear waters in the Alps || Travel Diary

The view of Grünau from our bedroom window

(Travel Day 27)

Day 1:
We arrived in Grünau and were greeted with a warm welcome from Gerhard (the owner of The Treehouse Hostel). Who had Lasagne ready for our arrival, or alternatively Vegemite toasties for the Australians who needed a taste of home. He was very accommodating to my dietary needs and because I'm a special snow-flake I got a specially prepared meal. 

After filling our bellies the Busabout Bus left us to it, carrying with it many people who thoroughly regretted not including Gruenau im Almtal on their travel list.

The Treehouse is located in a beautiful area of Gruenau. Situated right on the banks of Schindlbach creek, surrounded by forest.