Monday, 23 February 2015

Brighton Beach and a Birthday || The Brighton Side of Life

I feel like I have been neglecting Brighton on my blog, especially since I live here and I love it!
This week was full of cooked breakfasts, sunny beach days and a birthday celebration. So I thought this would be a good week to show you what we got up to. So here are the highlights....

Tuesday 17th February

 A definite way to start the week in good spirits is to have Pancakes! So obviously I joined in on "Shrove Tuesday" (a.k.a Pancake day), which is a bit naughty considering I had no intention of partaking in Lent, with the decadent week we had planned. In any case, I will jump at any excuse for a cooked brekkie.

Erins Ever After, Pancakes, Shrove Tuesday, Nutella, Banana, Cooked Breakfast

Later that day, with the sun shining. I took some time to head down to Brighton beach to enjoy the sun and read a good book. Much to the envy of my fellow Brighton-ites stuck working in their office blocks.

Erins Ever After, Erin's Ever After, Erinseverafter, Erin Ever After
It really was a couple of hours of bliss. Although you wouldn't catch me taking a swim. Sitting on the stones while soaking in the warmth of the winter sun, while reading a good book was just what the doctor ordered. Lifting my spirits for a productive and busy week ahead.
Brighton Beach, Stones, Waterfront, Seashore, Book, Kindle, Winter
Can I just mention how much a love this floppy felt hat! I really should wear it more often.
Erins Ever After, Erin's Ever After, Erinseverafter, Erin Ever After
Get ready for some cliché Brighton seafront pictures. Just to prove to everyone back in the southern hemisphere that we do in fact get beautiful, sunny days here in England, even in Winter!
Erins Ever After, Erin's Ever After, Erinseverafter, Brighton, Beach huts, sun, floppy hat
Brighton, Brighton Beach, England, UK, Sussex, Beach huts, colourful, colorful, winter
Brighton, Brighton Beach, England, UK, Sussex, Beach huts, colourful, colorful, winter
Brighton, Brighton Beach, Beach, Stones, Seafront, Waterfront, England, Sussex, UK, Sun, Winter, February

Friday 20th February

We celebrated Chris's (my husband) Birthday on Friday, he took the day off work to make the most of it. Alas, unlike earlier in the week, it was a lousy rainy day. So we took that as a sign for the chance to relax, over-indulge and enjoy the simple things a birthday has to offer..... mostly food.

As requested by the birthday boy (*cough* 29), I made us French toast for breakfast, not to forget the bacon, caramelised banana and raspberries on the sides.

French toast, cooked breakfast, raspberries, breakfast ideas, banana, bacon
 The rest of the day we went shopping; we got him some "new digs" (clothes) and a haircut (finally), snuggling in fluffy blankets watching a movie and enjoying doing the lazy day things that get left behind when life gets too busy.
Later that day, as a second food request, we had an improvised "Chutney Chicken wrapped in Bacon" meal for dinner. A slight variation and dairy-free version of the usual cheese stuffed chicken breast. It was delicious and he was a happy lad. Let me know if you are interested in any recipes, I can always include them in one of my "Foodie Fridays".
Chicken bacon wrap, chutney, dinner, dinner ideas, sweet potato

Saturday 21st February

Party day! Most of the morning I spent baking cakes (we had two, carrot and banana), kneading dough and preparing for the party later that evening. While Chris played a hockey game in a hail storm.

All 29 candles! Go ahead and count them.

Succulent, Terrarium, plants, pot, gift idea
An adorable Succulent Terrarium gift from one of our photo shy friends.

We invited a bunch of friends around to our place in Brighton for dinner. Home-made Pizza was on the menu. I had spent a good amount of time kneading dough earlier that day, so we had all the bases and toppings anyone could want. (Recipe here)

Ps. Perfectly round pizza bases are over-rated.
Half dairy-free/half cheesy
Then it was time for cake! Talk about a fire hazard! So many candles!!! In a few years I will need to start making wider cakes to accommodate all those dozens of flamin' wax sticks!! You are never to old for candles on birthday cakes in my books.

A quick photo of us Kiwis at the end of the evening, with full bellies and happy faces.
After all the deliciously good eating I did last week, I think this week will be full of running and workout sessions. Spring feels like it is just around the corner! Wish me luck!! Time to start being #HealthyEverAfter

A lot of these photos can be found on my Instagram account @ErinsEverAfter


  1. Ohh I'd love to hear about your running and workouts, I'm really into fitness at the moment and I love reading about other peoples!

    I'd love to visit Brighton one day too, those beach huts are adorable.

    Corinne x

    1. Good idea Corinne, maybe I should do some fitness/healthy blog posts. That way I would be held accountable for sticking to my goals.... hmmm watch this space :) Brighton is such a wonderful place, I love it here. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather too!

  2. I've never been to Brighton and I've always wanted to, so I'm very jealous when looking at these photos. Good luck with the fitness too, steer clear of the pancakes :P
    Victoria xx

    1. Ha ha thanks for the tip Vicky, I'll make sure to stay away from pancakes for a while. That week was an exception to the norm. Don't worry, I'm back on track now. Brighton is a great place and is extra fun in the warmer months.

  3. Those pancakes look delicious! I love your hat as well :)

  4. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Kids carnival organized by some joint ventures at one of the spacious event venue located at the outskirts of our city was worth attending. Got tickets online for me and my friends with their kids too. Everyone had a great time enjoying the complete fest with food and swings everywhere.


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