Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 39 - Lightening crotch

Week 39

(I'm currently bouncing up and down on my swiss ball as I write this post. Just F.Y.I)

I have been feeling a lot more pressure in my pelvis, and Braxton hicks contractions have picked up again this week, some hurt while others have just been a tightening of my bump.

Chris has become increasingly attentive and somewhat protective over me in these last few weeks. Every time I groan or make a noise as I bend over or stand up, he is checking on me to make sure I am alright. I have tried to tell him not to worry, as when something is actually happening I will let him know, but it is quite endearing. He tells me that I don't need to be so tough and that he can do certain tasks for me instead, which I'll happily oblige. I'm very lucky to have him as my husband and as our baby's daddy.

Our midwife appointment this week showed that my blood count and vitamin levels are great. The baby is descending slowly but is in an "OP" (Occiput Posterior) fetal position which means that her back is against my back, which is not ideal for natural birthing. My midwife has given Chris and I a series of "exercises" to help the baby turn before I go into labour. 

"Lightening crotch" is a funny name for a symptom I have been experiencing quite a bit this week. Whenever I get up and walk, sit down, or move in almost any way. I get sharp bolts of nerve pain in my lady bits. It tends to fade if I walk more than a few blocks but it can really take my breath away and makes me stop in my tracks. Fortunately it disappears a moment later, just like lightning. 

This week we have reached my original due date (9th July), which was calculated from my previous menstral cycle, but we haven't had any real signs of labour yet.  

I have scheduled a 41 week ultrasound just in case I do go past my due date and need to be checked before induction. Fingers crossed I will be able to cancel this appointment before then, but it's better to be prepared. 

Next midwife appointment I will be getting a stretch and sweep to help induce labour. I'm a bit nervous about it as some people say it hurts or can be uncomfortable. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

How far along?: 39 weeks!
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes, no way around it now
Stretch marks?: Yes
Belly button in or out?: It looks like a mini volcano sometimes, so is that my version of an outie?
Sleep?: Getting harder. Found it difficult breathing properly a few nights ago, as baby is getting bigger.
Best Moment of the week?:Going out for dinner and a movie with Chris
Worst Moment of the week?:Getting serious "lightening crotch" while walking
Miss anything?: Working out or exercising and being able to push my body and feel good about it
Movement?: YES! She's got a good set of strong legs on her that's for sure.
Cravings?: Nutrigrain, Mandarins (like 6 per day) and Dark chocolate
Queasy or sick?: No.
Looking forward to?: Meeting our little one and hopefully getting labour started before induction.
Mood/emotional state?: Getting a little impatient, I want to avoid a medical induction if at all possible and if we don't get this going soon, that's exactly what will happen. Also a mix of nervous excitement. I'm not completely "over" being pregnant by any means, but the idea of meeting our little girl and becoming a first-time parent has me over the moon and hiding up the table at the same time.
Early Labour Signs?: Mild Braxton Hicks Contractions and Lightening crotch

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