Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Weel 38 - Finishing work & False Labour?

Week 38

This is my last week of work and I am so pleased that it has finally arrived. I have been enjoying working so far, as it makes the days and weeks go by really fast, but in the last few days it has become MUCH more draining. I am training my replacement and trying to tie up any loose ends which can take a lot out of a preggo. Sleep is again a bit more difficult, with me waking up in the middle of the night and laying awake for hours but otherwise not uncomfortable. When I finish work this week I will be able to sleep in or take naps and I can't wait!

We have midwife appointments every week now but they tend to be much more straight forward as I have less questions and no abnormal symptoms. Check blood pressure, weight and baby's heartbeat and out the door. It generally only takes about 15 mins which is good when I need to get back to work asap. We have discussed the birth plan and everything seems to be on track, so far, so good.

A new symptom, or should I say a more exacerbated symptom, is that I am SUPER gassy this week. Poor Chris! I guess it's because space is restricted in that area but as long as I don't have to hold it in (which I don't at home) I'm still comfortable.

My last day at work was wonderful. My colleagues put together a farewell morning tea baby shower. We had a selection of 5 kinds of cake (2 dairy-free especially for me) and lots of other nibbles. A number of people gave me gifts (teddy, clothes, and toys) for baby and pamper products for me. It's a good thing I decided to drive in on that day, as it would have been difficult taking all of that back on the bus home. Which is what I had still been doing up until then. I received hugs and well wishes from almost everyone in the office (and it's not a small office). It was the perfect way to end the week, my face ached from smiling all day. It's a weird feeling to know that I won't be employed for an entire year. I mean obviously I will still be "working" and busy looking after baby, I know that it's no easy task, but this is all new to me and I'm still a bit weirded out by it all.

My belly is measuring at 112cm around my belly button now and we get to meet our baby this month (July) which is crazy to think. It's also weird to know that at any point I could go into labour. Not that it is likely right now as my bump is still high and baby's head is not engaged, but it could happen quite quickly at any point. So I am looking out for labour signs every day.

On Sunday (38+4) I woke up (after a somewhat restless night) and promptly threw up, like I did in the first trimester. After which, I was fine and my day continued as normal. Nausea can be considered an early labour sign but nothing changed throughout the day. Until I went to bed that night.

Shortly after we went to bed that night I started feeling contractions. I was laying in bed trying to ignore the gradual build to a peak and then fade of what felt like strong period pains. Starting in my lower back and moving across either side of my belly towards the centre. Baby was moving a tone until they would start and then would brace against my muscles contracting. These moderately painful contractions continued for over an hour until I feel asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt fine, so they must have come to a stop while I was sleeping. My thoughts the night before were that if I was about to go into actual labour, I should try get as much sleep as I possibly can, but it was a false alarm. I texted my midwife the next morning telling her what happened (as it was the first contractions I had felt) and she said that it was Braxton Hicks or a False Labour Start. Where, when I actually go into labour, that is what it will start like, except in actual labour it won't stop.

I spent the morning (on my first day of maternity leave) getting blood tests done to check my vitamins and antibody levels and then got fitted for my new nursing bras at a specialist "big boob" store, "Avokado". As normal retailers can't even stock my size #bigboobproblems. My old size at the mid-way point of pregnancy was a 12G, but to accommodate for when my milk comes in, they measured me as a 12H!!! That's crazy, I never thought they would be that much bigger, a G was big enough in my opinion, but pregnancy doesn't work that way.

The rest of the week I have been feeling more Braxton Hicks tightening in my belly (which do not hurt) and pressure in my pelvic area. I wonder if baby is dropping, although my bump still looks the same.

How far along?: 38 weeks!
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes, no way around it now
Stretch marks?: Yes
Belly button in or out?: Hasn't changed, still looks like a pouting pair of lips.
Sleep?: Broken, mostly due to stressing about work, rather than anything pregnancy related. Now that I am on maternity leave it is MUCH better. Naps are amazing too!
Best Moment of the week?: Taking all the naps I want.
Worst Moment of the week?: Throwing up
Miss anything?:Having the energy to do all the tasks that are in my head or on my list.
Movement?: YES!
Cravings?: Anything sweet and snacky
Queasy or sick?: Just the once.
Looking forward to?:Meeting our little one.
Mood/emotional state?: For the most part I'm very happy and positive
Early Labour Signs?: Braxton Hicks Contractions and a bit of nausea

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