Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 37 - Nesting

Week 37

I think nesting has officially started this weekend. No, I have not become a cleaning freak just yet, in fact I resent bending over so much now, that anything that lands on the floor which I cannot pick up with my toes is "dead to me". I have however been feeling the urge to organise the baby room and make it her own. I have put all of her new bedding in her cot, even though she won't actually be sleeping in there for another 6 months, well that's the plan anyway (we'll see). On her cot bedding their are lots of little woodland animals which I think are adorable and decided to bust out my old paints, which have been sitting un-loved in a box since before we went to the UK back in 2014. I made some little pieces of wall art to hang around her room. It was a good feeling and I can see more painting happening if I find myself idle after I finish work this coming week.

We are taking the advice of other parents we know and we out for dinner (just the two of us) for what may be the last time in a while. We went to a Irish pub as we haven't had a good pub meal in what feels like a year (probably since we left the UK to be fair). I got super excited when I saw Pimms on the drinks menu, went to ask for it and then realised that I can't have it anyway. Dammit! Cue new craving of the week.

I have packed the baby bag for when I go into labour, it's ready and waiting at the door, but I haven't put together my own yet. As I still wear all of the maternity gear (and anything else that fits) on a daily/weekly basis so if I did pack it, I would also need to live out of a bag for the next few weeks. Or however long it is that I have left.

My sleeping has been a bit harder this week, I have been waking up at 1am, 2am or 3am and lying awake for a few hours thinking about work and or what life will be like with baby. This always makes the next day harder but fortunately it's not every night and it's not because I'm uncomfortable. I just can't shut my mind off.

Baby girl's movements have become a lot slower as she runs out of space. I still feel her all day but rather than quick, sharp kicks, I now get slow rolling and stretching movements which are somewhat more comfortable and easier to work around.  Her hiccups have become stronger also which are rather hard to ignore due to their strength.

This is a bit random but worth mentioning for other Mums-to-be. A few weeks ago I went out and got some Maternity underwear and I have been so much more comfortable ever since. The ones I got were from Kmart and have extra wide, extra stretchy waistbands. So when I am sitting at a desk all day at work I am not having them cut into my waistline like my old ones were before. It means you don't have to go up a size and have them be too big in other areas or fall down. They are like yoga pants but for underwear and I am a complete convert.

How far along?: 37 weeks!
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes, no way around it now
Stretch marks?: Yes
Belly button in or out?: Hasn't changed, still looks like a pouting pair of lips.
Sleep?: Mostly pretty good, but I do get more tired throughout the day than I used to.
Best Moment of the week?: Seeing baby's room coming together
Worst Moment of the week?: Being tired at work
Miss anything?: Walking through a room without everyone looking at my stomach. I'm more than just a baby bump people... nah just kidding it's not so bad, just something I have noticed these days.
Movement?: YES! Movement all day. She's getting way stronger and has a lot less room so I get a bit of a shock sometimes when she thumps me good.
Cravings?: A good Pimms cocktail and ice-cream
Queasy or sick?:No
Looking forward to?: Having Mum come visit on the weekend
Mood/emotional state?: For the most part I'm very happy and positive
Labour Signs?: None so far, not even Braxton hicks (practice) contractions as far as I can tell.

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