Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 34 - Baby shower

Week 34

Only 6 weeks until my due date, where did that time go? Ahhh!

We had our baby shower this weekend. Which meant squeezing 24+ people into Mum's living room. It was a blast, with some fun games and lots of good conversation. We received such lovely and practical gifts from our friends and family.

An added surprise for our friends was that we revealed our baby's gender, which we had been keeping private up until that point. As this pregnancy has progressed I have realised that I am a terrible liar and have such a hard time using equal he's and she's or his and hers when talking about the baby, so we may as well celebrate her in style. We did this by popping a big black balloon to reveal our baby's gender with pink glitter confetti (which managed to spread throughout the entire house on peoples feet). I have a lot of friends who have baby girls so they were very excited for me to join the girl gang. It's going to be fun when all of our kids get older and play together.


How far along?: 34 weeks!
Gender?: Girl, and now our friends finally know!
Maternity clothes?: Yes, dresses and maternity leggings are my saviour!
Stretch marks?: Yes, but they haven't got any worse lately
Belly button in or out?: It looks like "a pair of lips" but hasn't popped yet
Sleep?: Mostly pretty good, but I do get more tired throughout the day than I used to.
Best Moment of the week?: Revealing the gender of our baby to our friends
Worst Moment of the week?: Being stuck in a car for 4 hours between Auckland and Taupo. Fortunately I won't be doing that again before baby gets here, it's too far away from our midwife and just plain uncomfortable.
Miss anything?: Mulled wine. As the weather gets colder it would be really nice to wrap my hands around a nice warm mug of it.
Movement?: YES! Movement all day, where my belly visibly undulates when she pushes against it
Cravings?:Not really
Queasy or sick?:No
Looking forward to?: Meeting our little one
Mood/emotional state?: For the most part I'm very happy and positive

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