About Me

Hi peeps,

I'm Erin, so as you have probably guessed. This is my blogities. You clever little thing.

That guy you are seeing in most of my photos. Yeah, the good looking scruff with the beard. That's my husband, Chris. We got married in 2013 and a work opportunity for him lead to us hauling ass half way across the world. From little ol' New Zealand to mother England.

We are now a couple of mid twenties kids, chilling in Brighton, exploring this new world piece by piece. We don't know many people here yet, so if you like what you read, let me know, a beautiful friendship could blossom.

Weddings and travel make me giddy with excitement. I like the pretty things in life. Dresses, make-up, sunsets, but mostly cute animals. If something has a picture of a bird on it, I must have it! I have a goofy sense of humour, with a weakness for puns and toilet jokes.

I miss all of my dear family and friends back home, but this blog is a way of sharing our adventures with them from so far away.

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