Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Intro - Who am I?

I have recently got married, and thought this would be as good a time as any to sit-back, reflect and share my experiences with the whole process- the ups and downs, the stress and the things I can recommend or would have done differently.

I married my sweetheart who I met while I was in high school back in 2003. We had been officially dating since March 2004, thus making it almost 9 years until we got hitched.

I don't want to get too mushy over it all, as most of you will know me, and some of you may not.
We have seen our share of ups and down over the last decade, through teenage emotions, school pressure, losing jobs, changing cities, living long-distance, losing loved-ones. To moving in together, building a home, creating more personal jokes than I can keep up with, and growing into the people we need each other to be, whilst cherishing every moment of it all.

Anyway this is not the journey of how we got to this point, that would take far too long and be far to tedious.
This is how we went about becoming Mr and Mrs, some details for those who want to know, the thought processes behind some of our decisions, and ideas, hints and tips that I picked up along the way.....who am i kidding, this is mostly me keeping a retrospective diary of the lead up to our wedding, so in the years to come I can remember the nitty gritty of it all.

Just to be a good sport, and for you all to have a good laugh. Here is one of the early photos of us as a couple (we had swapped winter coats). Keep in mind this is from a time before digital cameras and a delete button if the photo wasn't perfect. Its a bit cringe-worthy. Enjoy


  1. Now I've read your whole back story, I want your English adventure! Erin, you write so well. So personal. So you. These all made me so happy and I'm so appreciative that I got to be a part of your story

    1. Thank you Ebony, the European adventure posts are in the works at the moment. So much to say, and I want to say it right. Stay tuned, I'll be posting soon.


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