Thursday, 4 April 2013

We got engaged!!! - Finding the right moment

So.... Chris purchased my engagement ring in November. I knew when he had picked it up after re-sizing (I wasn't snooping I swear, he just didn't hide it very well). That little purple box sat next to our bed for WEEKS, until I couldn't take it any longer and asked him to hide it properly. Meaning that I wouldn't be checking to see if it had moved or not....

So the next 4 months stretched on, filled with heart stopping moments of...... him tying his shoe laces (i'm sure he did it knowingly), scenic walks, followed by Valentines day, and just when I had let my guard down, (with our 8 year Anniversary exactly 1 month away) he decided that today was the day (18th February).
Not engaged.... yet

A large group of our friends were down visiting Wellington for
HomeGrown (a multi-genre, all-day concert) we had been having dinner with them the night before. Chris had planned on proposing publicly in front of them in a big display of romance. Until he got cold feet when they all started giving us a hard time about when he was going to propose :p
Little did they know....
He didn't want to make it any less meaningful by doing it on cue, so he waited.

Until 5am the next morning.....

Of course, I am not an early riser. So Chris had a while longer to wait. He placed the ring box on my pillow and was made to wait until a more appropriate time of 8am (its my day off, I was entitled to a sleep-in) 
Eventually I saw the box and knew what was happening, its all a bit of a blur from that point, he said a few nervous words along the lines of "I love you, will you marry me" with a response of "Yes, of course I will", heart pounding like a drum, even after waiting an extra 4 months (I can't imagine how I would be if i had just met the guy).
With shaky hands he (*ahem* asked which finger it went on) and then placed the ring on my finger.
Thank goodness it hadn't happened any earlier that morning, because within the hour my families had all been woken up and told the news. Mum's response was half asleep but happy, my brother was extremely happy, and Dad "called it" before I said anything. I guess saying "I've got news" at 9am on a Saturday morning was a bit of a give-away. We couldn't contact Chris's family until later due to time differences.

We eventually pulled ourselves together and got on with the day. Many people to see, lots of news to tell.
We met up with the same group of friends from the previous night, playing it cool but not exactly hiding the new sparkler on my left hand.

It took a while for anyone to notice, but as soon as there was the first squeal was let loose, chaos broke out. Many hugs and congratulations later (and after a misunderstood pregnancy congratulations) we were on our way to "prepare" for the concert, and by "prepare" I of course mean, get drunk in true kiwi fashion.

Lets just say that "Engagement Funnel!!" was chanted enthusiastically many times that morning.
Im very glad the ring had been re-sized and fit perfectly, as I wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing it at the concert otherwise. As it was, I was checking it was still there every 5 minutes, and had friends doing the same.

It was a wonderful, very memorable day. The concert was amazing, shared with great friends and the extra surprise that morning added to the whole event.

  • Planning on proposing? Keep the ring with you, just in case the right moment comes along. 
  • Get down on one knee, most girls grew up with watching romantic cliche moments on movies (even if you didn't), she will appreciate it.
  • Get a stealthy photographer to capture the moment, the look on her face and the excitement that follows (it could be a friend on you both, or a workmate she doesn't recognize) 
  • Savour the moment before telling everyone, this is for you two to share first.
  • Tell you parents and closest friends and family first, not facebook! Its hard to wait with big new like this but you'll be glad you did later
  • Think of a way to tell you friends and family as a special announcement or surprise

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