Monday, 23 February 2015

Brighton Beach and a Birthday || The Brighton Side of Life

I feel like I have been neglecting Brighton on my blog, especially since I live here and I love it!
This week was full of cooked breakfasts, sunny beach days and a birthday celebration. So I thought this would be a good week to show you what we got up to. So here are the highlights....

Tuesday 17th February

 A definite way to start the week in good spirits is to have Pancakes! So obviously I joined in on "Shrove Tuesday" (a.k.a Pancake day), which is a bit naughty considering I had no intention of partaking in Lent, with the decadent week we had planned. In any case, I will jump at any excuse for a cooked brekkie.

Erins Ever After, Pancakes, Shrove Tuesday, Nutella, Banana, Cooked Breakfast

Later that day, with the sun shining. I took some time to head down to Brighton beach to enjoy the sun and read a good book. Much to the envy of my fellow Brighton-ites stuck working in their office blocks.