Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Introducing our daughter

Our daughter was born at 7:15pm on Friday 20th July 2018. She weighed 2.860 Kgs (6lb 5oz), measured 47 cm long and had a head circumference of 34.5cm.

For my pregnancy diaries and bump shots with her please click this link or click this link for her birth story (including photos of her just after she was born).

Shortly after she was born we decided on her name. We had been thinking about this name since we found out she was a girl at her anatomy scan at 21 weeks and I couldn't get it out of my head, but we wanted to hold off deciding upon it until we met her.

I wanted to give her a name that would suit her as a baby, as a little girl, a teenager and as an adult. Something that was feminine but not meek. A name that was somewhat unique but people would know how to spell it without asking. A name that would inspire her to be an adventurous, confident and caring person.

We settled on the name, Hazel Maree. Hazel just felt like it suited her and the image I had built of her in my head. There wasn't any memorable moment when I found it and had an "ah-ha" moment, but the name wouldn't go away as we experimented with other options, it was always my favourite. Maree is my middle name as well as my mothers, so she has a little hand-me-down from us too. 

2 days old
3 days old

3 days old
3 days old
Bringing her home at 4 days old
7 days old - mid burping session
7 days old
7 days old
She currently has dark blue/gray eyes which are beginning to lighten. Her father has blue eyes and mine are hazel brown so she could get either of those or somewhere in the middle. Her hair is a light brown which glows blonde in the sunlight. We think she currently looks a lot more like me than her father but there is definitely some of him in her too. We think she will have a nose similar to mine as well as my long fingers. There might even be a hitch-hikers thumb developing too but we will have to wait and see.

All-in-all we love her to pieces and think that she is absolutely gorgeous (not that we are biased or anything).

She is quite a contented newborn who loves to feed and has a good strong suck. She can sleep solidly for 5 hours and is quite happy to settle back into sleep if she wakes herself up mid-way through. She likes to be swaddled while also having access to her hands. She is very alert and our biggest trouble is getting her back to sleep after changing her, as she would quite happily just stare up at our faces all night.

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