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Bridal Hair and Accessories

Things are starting to come together now, you have a wonderful fiancĂ©, the dress is getting tailored, and you can now start to envisage what you want to look and feel like on this day you have been thinking about for so long. 

Hear! Hair! Here!

This is what will frame your glowing bridal face when your soon-to-be husband sees you for the first time.
As can be expected I had trawled pinterest in search of my favourite 'do'

It came down to two designs, with a bit of tweaking hair and there.


Now my locks are not 'hard' to work with; they aren't dry, curly or course, but I wouldn't mind having a bit more of it. I have quite fine hair and so to achieve these looks it needed a bit of 'umph'. Luckily the hairstylists at Creme Brulee have a variety of tips and tricks to help the rest of us finer haired folks.

We discussed what could be achieved in the initial consultation, where I was able to meet my personal hairstylist and feel assured I was in good hands.

With my tresses being so fine, it makes them very soft and slippery to work with.  We needed more gritt. I was told to wash my hair the day before the wedding, to give the pins and curls something to hold onto.
We also cheated a wee bit with adding a few clip-in extensions, we can't have my wedding hair looking flat now can we!

So after all the hot-rollered "little bo-peep" hair it was clipped, pinned and sprayed in place, it produced this...
© Ross Herbert Photography
© Ross Herbert Photography
Then came putting in my hand-made lace and pearl hairpiece, lovingly crafted by one of my bridesmaids; Tammy. This took the up-do to a whole new level, and made it into something very special for the big day.

The final touch was inserting the veil, not an easy or painless task I must say, but with all those bobby-pins to push through; it wasn't going anywhere. Good thing too, as it looked as though the day was going to turn rather windy. This was the first point where I truely felt like a bride, as at what other occasion does one get to wear a finger-tip length white veil.
Chris had specifically asked for the veil to NOT cover my face, and I understood that. He wanted to see me clearly as I walked down the aisle, just as I wanted to see him. Yet there is something undeniably bridal about a veil and I wanted to take every chance I could get to make the experience amazing.
Now, I didn't want to cover the beautiful hair or hairpiece that had been artfully arranged on my head either, so the best idea was to insert the veil at the base - love it.

Up-dos are popular because they keep everything away from your face, you'll want to see every emotion captured in your photographs, not hiding behind a swatch of rouge tendrils.
Which brings me to another point - wind - as we were getting primped the trees outside seemed to be getting hammered, and no amount of hairspray was going to stand a chance with drop-curls. (Thankfully it calmed down before we went to the ceremony anyway, as just getting from the front door to the car would have been hard enough. You can shelter from rain, its much harder avoiding a wind gust)

© Ross Herbert Photography

I decided to stick with something classic; not too out there but something I have always liked. I have always liked my hair being curled, giving it a romantic look - not a bad thing on your wedding day.

 Bridal Party Hair

 The girls liked this style the best, with similar elements to complement the brides 'do' but with more fun and casual details, such as a cute side braid.

© Ross Herbert Photography
Their do's also needed to be quite structured as I knew anything less wouldn't hold up to their dance skills later at the reception.
© Ross Herbert Photography

 Mother of the Bride

It was perfect being able to spend the morning with my beautiful Mum as well. It's not often she gets glammed-up for events, but this was a special occasion with special exceptions.
© Ross Herbert Photography
A simple blow-dry to show off her hi-lights and a modest black fascinator was all that was required to make her feel and look the part of Mother of the Bride. Love you Mum.

  •  Do you have short hair and loving it? Keep it sweet and short. There are some lovely feminine short bridal hairstyles out there.
  • Don't make any drastic changes to your colour or length in the weeks prior to the wedding. This day is about capturing the best of YOU! Its best to have everyone recognize you, not have any unexpected hair mis-haps.
  • If you need some extra texture in your hair quick, ask your stylist about trying dry shampoo.

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