Friday, 28 February 2014

30 before 30

It seems like a far off thought, to be considering what I will have accomplished by the time I'm 30. Yet I have somehow found myself at a mere (*cough*) age of 25, wondering where the years have gone. The last 5 years have flown by, and from what everybody likes to tell me, the next 5 will be the same (if not quicker). I think it's healthy to look forward and set goals, both short and long term.

Since there is no time like the present, here is MY list of the 30 things I want to do in life before I turn 30 years old. (It's not a Bucket list, Life doesn't end at 30)

  1. Travel Europe
  2. Live in another country for 6months (I am currently living overseas, so will complete this on New Years day)
  3. Buy a house
  4. Develop a permanent/reliable career in Conservation 
  5. Adopt a dog
  6. Become a confident driver
  7. Run a half-marathon
  8. Learn how to make an item of clothing
  9. Do an art course
  10. Sell a piece of my own art
  11. Be a bridesmaid
  12. Go wine tasting
  13. Go sky diving
  14. Start a business
  15. Learn to play guitar
  16. Wear a bikini and not be self-concious
  17. Learn how to dance with my husband
  18. Learn how to French braid my own hair (09/14)
  19. Read the "Game of Thrones" series
  20. Complete a photography course
  21. Learn how to make a complicated dinner/dessert
  22. Learn another language
  23. Road trip around the South Island of New Zealand
  24. Take care of my body/health - regular doctors/dentist check-ups
  25. Be debt free
  26. Donate Blood 
  27. Have a more organised lifestyle
  28. Join a sports team
  29. Become a Mum
  30. Make someone else's life easier/better
Some of the things listed I hope to accomplish in the near future, others may be when I'm closer to the 30 mark.
I would really enjoy seeing what your list looks like, pick your own milestones and link it to me or leave a message in the comments.
I will try to keep you updated when I accomplish major goals and wish you all the best with your own list.

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