Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The greatest gift we can give - Reading (a message from the guests)

When a couple gets married, the wedding is not about two people. It is also about their friends and families participating to support their union. We wanted to capture this with our wedding ceremony, so our good friend Laura (our emcee) did this reading. This was one of the times our ceremony included our guests making them involved and not just spectators. A wedding is not just about the couple up the front, but the joining of two families into one.

© Ross Herbert Photography

We have come here today, as family and friends, to be with you as you 
promise yourselves to each other in marriage.

We are here because we love you, we support you and we wish you every 
happiness in your future together.

By being here today we affirm our involvement in your lives.

We acknowledge our duty to help, if asked and accept your right to call on us 
in times of trouble.

This is the greatest gift we can give you.

WE ask only that you accept it with the live and sincerity with which it is 

We welcome you to each other’s family.

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