Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beginning a new adventure: Our Honeymoon!! Travel Blog

A year down the the line and I have finally summed up the details of planning our wedding. But what next?
You may have noticed that I hadn't mentioned our honeymoon. That is because we are yet to experience it.

I am really excited to announce that "Erin's Ever After" is switching hemispheres and travelling around EUROPE!!

We decided to delay our honeymoon for a year due to busy schedules at work and finances. Now has come the time where we get the begin our new adventure.

We are leaving New Zealand in a few short weeks, with an unknown return date.

Stay tuned for updates on:
  • My Long-haul flight survival guide
  • What we discover in the European countries we experience
  • Living overseas as young Kiwi expats
  • Any tips, tricks and oddities we find along the way.
Ciao for now, we are off to live the adventure!

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