Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Thank you cards

Being the bride and groom at a wedding can be a very enjoyable but sometimes overwhelming experience. You may not get to spend as much time with everyone, or say all the things you hoped to. Whether your guests were able to contribute to your special day financially or just came to help celebrate, either of which is fine, a simple thank you and memento is nice to receive.

So after our wedding was all over and things started to calm down we sent out our Thank You cards.
These were made through a site called SnapFish, which is a New Zealand site that does all sorts of personalised printing orders. The process was quite straight forward, in choosing a template, photos and fonts (all the usual stuff).

While not as personalised as our handmade invitations, they still served their purpose well and were a lot easier to create. We enjoyed being able to quickly customise them and including a hand written, personal message was important to us.

There's not a lot else to say, except we found SnapFish very convenient to use and we were stoked with the end result. 

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