Wednesday, 19 March 2014

1 year married, 10 years together

Chris and I started dating while I was still in school, he was that older guy who had finished and was working full time. We had been very close friends for at least a year before we officially became a couple. With the simple but scary question of "So..... do you want to be my girlfriend?"
Here we are 10 years down the track, newly married. We have been living together since 2008 and he is the best friend, favourite flat mate and life partner I could ask for.

So yes, we were THAT couple. Dubbed the "forever couple" (no pressure guys), me at a mere 15 years old. The cheesy movie "high school sweethearts". In all that time we have never, even for a day "broken up", which was bizarre considering it seemed like so many of our friends love lives were, how do I describe it? Like the first time trying to drive a manual car. Stop, start, stop, start, worn out and in tears. 
Our 2 year anniversary dinner date (2006)
It has not always been an easy road, what with fluctuating emotions, hormones, trying to be grown up while still acting like a child, and all those things that grown ups can't stand about teenagers. However because of having the support of my family and this solid relationship in my world, I was able to get through a lot of that relatively unscathed. He was a safety harness for all the untravelled roads in my young life. I was able to finish school, move cities, complete my bachelors degree, make new friends and not fear leaving unhealthy friendships behind, because I had his support. 

In a way, I feel, after more than ten years in each others lives we have grown into the people we wanted to be, whilst also becoming the one person the other needed. We know each others back stories, having featured in the majority of them. There is little to no "ex-drama" and baggage. Most issues can be resolved quickly as our communication is strong, and values are similar.

"A strong relationship is built by two people not one, if it has to work then we have to work."

I guess we are some of the lucky ones, not that it's necessary to find your "one and only" at high school, but lucky in the way that we have each other. It may not be the norm, but it is working for us. I might be a bit naive when it comes to boys and breakups, but I also don't have the emotional wounds that others have to show for it, and for that I am grateful. We still have a lot of love and life left in us, so we will see where the future takes us, but at the moment I am happy with the road we are travelling and the adventures along the way. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, therefore I will cherish what I have lived so far and work towards an even better tomorrow.

For those of you who are still searching, you and others like you, are some of the strong people who have helped me experience the world and appreciate what I have. You have every right to love and to be loved by someone special, but it's easier when you learn how to love yourself first.

 .....Gross love gush complete, please resume you usual schedule.....

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