Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 16 & 17 - Feeling movement and Getting bigger

Week 16 & 17

The weeks are starting to get away from me at this point so I don't have anything specific written down for week 16 but it was quite similar to 17 anyway, so let's group them together shall we? 

I have started feeling the beginnings of baby movements, which is so exciting and comforting to know that everything is going well in-between midwife appointments. What I can feel, is a mix of flutters and popping sensations but I only notice them when I am staying still.

I finally caved and went to get fitted for a new bra and holey moley! I have been a 12E for years without changing sizes, but in less than half of my pregnancy I have grown to a 12G!! WTF?! I knew they were bigger but I wasn't expecting that. No wonder my old bras were so uncomfortable. I ended up getting a larger bra without underwires, as this is what was recommended for pregnancy and breast feeding mothers. I will need to get fitted again before the end of pregnancy and upgrade to some nursing bras.

It has been so excruciatingly hot in our one bedroom penthouse apartment lately. I have been dreading going home from work, to the hot sweltering sauna that it has become this summer. I have also become a big fan of iceblocks as they are the only things that tide me over until the sun goes down.

We went to the Foo Fighters concert outside in the rain at Mt Smart Stadium. I was feeling a lot of flutters and popping sensations in respond to the loud music. I think the vibrations from the music must have got the baby dancing. No obvious kicks yet though.

We are moving house soon so I have been spending my evenings and weekends packing our belongings into boxes. We came back from the UK with only minimal positions, and yet in just over a year we now have enough to fill a house. I'm sure this will only be exaggerated when baby comes along but I'm OK with that.

How far along?: 17 weeks
Gender?: Unknown
Maternity clothes?: Yes and now with a new bra size, life is much more comfortable.
Stretch marks?: No
Belly button in or out?: In
Sleep?: Good but interrupted with needing to go to the bathroom
Best Moment of the week?: Telling more people about being pregnant and going to babies first music concert (Foo Fighters)
Worst Moment of the week?: Being hot and bothered
Miss anything?:Fitting into my bras
Movement?: Yes, and it's the best feeling ever. Little flutters and popping sensations that let me know all is well with our baby
Cravings or aversions?: Craving L&P Fruju Iceblocks and ice cold drinks, not really put off by anything now.
Queasy or sick?: No.
Looking forward to?: Moving into our new home.
Mood/emotional state?: Happy and excited

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