Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 22 - Anatomy scan and gender reveal

Week 22

I have been feeling lots of baby movements and kicks while I am at work. I guess it's because I'm sitting and restricting his or her space. When I get home to show Chris, it all goes quiet; they must be sleeping.
I am still sleeping well, although my hips get sore from always sleeping on my side. I have tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs but that makes it harder to move around, which leads to worse hip pain. So either way, I can't win. I have been sleeping reasonably well despite needing to pee three or more times during the night. But then I am able to go straight back to sleep afterwards. I have been feeling increasingly tired and think that I should talk to my midwife about my pre-natal vitamins as I might be lacking in something. Oh, and I am super gassy.

We finally had our anatomy scan this week.... IT'S A GIRL!!! We are so thrilled to know a little more about our baby GIRL! Gosh, that feels good to say. Our ultrasound appointment was meant to take up to 40 minutes but our technician had checked everything in only 20 minutes and was happy with everything that she saw, saying that it "all looks perfect". All organs, fingers and toes doing what they should. She finishing the appointment by revealing the gender to us and was pretty confident that she had it right. We are so pleased that we have a daughter and can now embrace calling our baby "she" and "her" rather than "it".

I threw up for the first time in ages and attributed it to morning sickness, so I took the day off work, slept until lunchtime and then realised that it must be a stomach bug or something that I ate because it was more than just spew. yuck. I have been noticing a bit of pain when I have been sitting or lying for too long but it quickly goes away when I have been walking for a bit. I have also been noticing over the last few weeks that my hair doesn't need washing as much as it used to. I used to wash it every second day and as it is very fine, and by the end of the second day it looked limp and greasy. Not that it is dry now, it actually looks very healthy, it just doesn't get greasy so quickly. Which is a trait that I hope sticks around. Bonus! My feet are not swollen yet but they do occasionally get hot and veiny.

How far along?: 22 weeks
Gender?:IT'S A GIRL!!!
Maternity clothes?: Yes but just maternity jeans and shorts at the moment.
Stretch marks?: No
Belly button in or out?: In
Sleep?: Not bad, but need to pee a lot during the night.
Best Moment of the week?: Finding out our baby is a girl!
Worst Moment of the week?: Feeling sick
Miss anything?: A cold glass of rosé
Movement?: YES! Lots of movement for most of the day.
Cravings?: Dumplings and Hot Cross Buns.
Queasy or sick?: Just the once
Looking forward to?:My bump getting bigger
Mood/emotional state?: Wonderful, for the most part I'm very happy

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