Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 23 & 24 - Working away from home

Week 23

Again, lots of movement this week. I spent a good amount of time away from home at a work training event where everyone was fussing over me and my baby bump. I took some nice long baths in the hotel and ate way too much food. Even with the long baths and early nights I definitely needed to catch up on sleep when I got home.

Week 24

This was another week away from home, where I was staying on a Marae as part of my work place diversity and cultural understanding training. This again meant eating way too much excellent food, combined with long days and sleeping communally in the Wharenui. I was pretty exhausted at the end of it.

I have been feeling a tonne of movement throughout the day but she calms down at night time. Her kicks are getting a lot stronger, to the point where my whole bump moves when she kicks, although it is only noticeable to me most of the time. Her favourite spot is my right rib cage just under my boob, so we will see how that area goes as she gets stronger. Chris is getting to feel her kicks a lot more now too which feels great.

I bought some new dresses off ASOS and of the ten which arrived, three could actually fit my massive boobs. The ones that a kept I like a lot and are very comfortable. Which is a top priority these days.

Still no heartburn, headaches or constipation but I am starting to get a bit of hip and back cramp when I have been sitting or lying for too long. Although this does go away shortly after I get moving.

My boobs are leaking?!? Apparently it's completely normal but it came as a bit of a surprise. I was sitting around after a shower, looked down at my breast and a drop of milk was hanging off the end of my nipple (TMI?). I have also noticed the occasional wet patch on my t-shirts when I wake up in the mornings too, so that would explain it.

How far along?: 24 weeks
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes and I love them. Bought some new dresses which I know I will get a lot of wear out of.
Stretch marks?: No
Belly button in or out?: In
Sleep?: Some nights are good, others not so much. In general I am more tired though.
Best Moment of the week?:Finding some new dresses I love
Worst Moment of the week?: Sleeping in a room full of people, some of whom snore like a tractor
Miss anything?: A cold glass of wine
Movement?: YES! Lots of movement for most of the day.
Cravings?: Dumplings and Hot Cross Buns.
Queasy or sick?:No
Looking forward to?: My bump getting bigger
Mood/emotional state?: Wonderful, for the most part I'm very happy

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