Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 25 - Easter weekend and anniversary photo

Week 25

So my uterus is the size of a soccer ball, and it shows! My belly button mole is officially on the outside of my belly button (it used to be deep inside) and my stomach is starting to feel rather tight and stretched. My boobs are leaking more frequently but only a little at a time. My brother (Lee) and his girlfriend (Holly) came to visit this Easter weekend. They took our anniversary photo (even though it's well past our anniversary date) as a tripod and timer just wasn't going to cut it this time. And they both felt the baby move. We went swimming at Bethels beach in my new bikini and I felt quite confident rocking the baby bump.

I have been starting to get occasional sciatica after sitting, lying down or overdoing it for too long. It seems to go away with movement though which is a relief. I hope it doesn't get worse because it means I can't walk or stand up properly, and leaves me hunched over like an old lady. We measured my bump size while my brother was here at his request and it is 105cm round at the belly button.

How far along?: 25 weeks
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes and I love them.
Stretch marks?: No
Belly button in or out?: Starting to look like "lips" rather than a cavern.
Sleep?: Some nights are good, others not so much. In general I am more tired though.
Best Moment of the week?: Hanging out with family.
Worst Moment of the week?: Getting sciatica after sitting for too long
Miss anything?: Being as active as I used to be
Movement?: YES! Lots of movement
Cravings?: Hot Cross Buns and chocolate (it is Easter after all)
Queasy or sick?:No
Looking forward to?: Feeling my baby get stronger.
Mood/emotional state?: Wonderful, for the most part I'm very happy

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