Friday, 27 June 2014

Lake Como || Travel diary

June 18 (Travel day 50/71)
Unfortunately we arrived in Lake Como when I was still feeling very sick which distracted from my appreciation of the beauty of the location. On our first day I spent most of the day watching YouTube in bed while enduring coughing fits. We had average kebabs for dinner.

June 19
On our only full day in Lake Como we enjoyed a lazy, relaxing day.  I was still feeling very sick and tired so we didn't venture far, but the nearby lake and shopping district were impressive enough that we didn't feel the need to exert ourselves. 
We walked around shopping district of Como and around the central shores of the lake. Taking in the idealistic scenery, fancy houses, interesting monuments and well dressed dog walkers.

We know people back home who run a lake weed harvester company, so this photo is for them.

We ate at an Italian cuisine restaurant later that evening. Chris had pizza and I had pasta near the main town square. Chris said best pizza he's ever had, so since I was already sick (I'm lactose intolerant and it gives me cold like symptoms if I eat cheese) I had a piece and it really was delicious. We retired back to our hostel to watch movies for the evening.

On this occasion we booked our hostel earlier than most, which meant that we got rooms at the Busabout drop-off point, unfortunately of all the people on our bus, we were the only ones who were able to get a room. The other Busabouters were staying at accommodation on the other side of the lake which meant we were a bit isolated from the group and got a bit lonely. In hindsight it was probably best to isolate myself from social activities while being sick, but it kind of sucked at the same time.

So instead on our last day we re-walked around the shores of lLake Como. We had originally planned to use this day to travel to Milan but that proved too much work while I was unwell and we left it too late. 
June 20
Travel from Como to Lauterbrunen

Quick Summary (TL;DR)

Duration of stay: 2 nights
Was it enough time?: Not really, especially since I was sick. I would have loved to have visited Milan and explored the hills surrounding the lake if we had more time.
Where we stayed: 
Time of Year: June
Best memories: Relaxing and spending one on one time with Chris in a gorgeous spot.
Worst memories: Feeling unwell AGAIN!
Top tip: It is easy to catch public transport from Lake Como to Milan, so take a day trip.
Next time:I would explore further and take a day trip to Milan.
Lake Como in a few words: Relaxing, Tranquil, Rejuvenating
Recommended?:Yes, I would holiday here again.
Overall experience: 6/10, the place was great but being sick wasn't.
Next destination: Lauterbrunen, Switzerland

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