Friday, 24 June 2016

Wildschönau: Taking A Cable Car To The Top Of A Mountain

June 2 (Travel Day 34/71 about halfway through our Europe trip)

Day 1
We arrived in Wildschönau and meet our fellow hostel guests who were a couple of rather interesting characters. One comedian and the other an extreme extrovert. We went to the local supermarket, and napped. BBQ for dinner, and so much salad. So good!

Later we went for evening sunset walk around the town. The Austrian houses are super cute! We came across a couple of escaped goats (which seems so cliché) that the locals were trying to herd back behind the fence and watched the sun set. 
As the sky warmed to gold we could hear choruses of cuckoos and woodpeckers in the trees surrounding us. It was rather lovely.

Later on, Chris was desperate to find free wi-fi, so we stood outside a restaurant in the dark, pretending to read the menu while he was on facebook. This is the real side of travel in the world we live in.

Day 2
We took the cable car up the mountains nearby to really appreciate the views. We had a walk around once we were at the top but with no real direction, no map or wi-fi so we aimlessly walked in all directions. Which was nice to not have a plan for once.
Day 3
From here on out I have no diary entries for the next 2 weeks. This is basically because we started making more friends and spending more time socialising which obviously equalled less time to write things in my diary. So bear with me.

Chris rented a mountain bike to further explore the abundant mountainous terrain surrounding us, while I packed our things and had a lazy morning.

Quick Summary

Duration of stay: 2 nights
Was it enough time?: Yes, it's a nice town in the summer but I'm sure winter would be the peak of its season.
Where we stayed: The Apsley Ski Lodge
Time of Year: June
Best memories: Watching the sunset on all the very cute alpine Austrian houses.
Worst memories: My camera running out of battery when there was so many more pretty pictures to be taken.
Top tip: Take a ride up the gondola and follow your nose.
Next time: I would go in winter to make the most of the terrain.
Wildschönau in a few words: Quiet, mountainous, scenic
Recommended?: Sure, if you like to get out and about exploring nature or on the snow then this would be a nice place to spend a few days.
Overall experience: 6/10, our time here was nice, nothing super exhilarating but it gave us a chance to recharge our batteries before our next destination. Which is something I would definitely recommend when doing long-term travel.
Next destination: Venice, Italy

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