Monday, 23 June 2014

Nice || Travel diary

June 15 (Travel day 47)
We arrived in Nice on a beautiful sunny day, we strolled the promenade and longed to get into the blue waters, I'm not sure why we didn't. We went and got a quick lunch and walked around the central district. Though for some reason we didn't take many photos.

The view from our room
On our second day in Nice I started feeling quick sick.... AGAIN... damn bus cough. So I spent most of the day in bed regretting that I had not made the most of the beautiful sand and surf the day before. Chris hung out by himself around the city centre but didn't take any photos to show here. He enjoyed the city but wasn't compelled to do much without me.

On our third day in Nice we took the train over to Monaco. Follow this link for my blog post about our time there.
We woke up the next morning to travel to Lake Como. I was still feeling very sick. :(

Quick Summary (TL;DR)

Duration of stay: 3 nights
Was it enough time?: For our circumstances, no. As I was sick and so didn't get to actually see much of this beautiful place.
Where we stayed: Can't remember sorry, will update if I can find the info
Time of Year: June
Best memories: During our stay in Nice we visited Monaco while I was briefly feeling better, so that is the best moment, although not actually in Nice itself
Worst memories: Lying in my hostel room feeling sorry for myself
Top tip: Be prepared for topless sun bathers, there were a lot of them throughout the European beaches we visited.
Next time: I would explore more
Nice in a few words:Nice, beach, relaxing
Recommended?: Yes

Overall experience:5/10, only due to me not experiencing as much of Nice as I would have liked.
Next destination: Lake Como, Italy

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