Friday, 13 June 2014

Venice: Day trip to Murano and Burano

June 6 (Day 3)
Chris woke up feeling very sick, so he spent the day in bed at the camp site. Which was such unfortunate timing but sickness is always something that needs to expected and contended with while travelling for long periods, especially on a bus. I sure had my fair share.

So I said my goodbyes and went out with a few fellow Busabout girls (Gabby, Liana and Hailey.) We took the ferry to a couple of Venetian islands off the mainland; Murano and Burano. 
Liana and I on the ferry out to Murano.
Murano is famous for its glass art, while Burano has elaborate lace works and  beautifully coloured houses.
We firstly arrived at Murano, and watched a free glass art demonstration as soon as we got off the ferry. It was hot enough outside, I did not envy working in the heat that must come off that glass kiln all day. It was very interesting to see and appreciate some of the artistry that goes into Murano glass pieces. 
We then walked further through Murano and window shopped in all the souvenir shops that lined our path. I didn't purchase any of the artwork but my favourite was the goldfish faucet. How did they get the fish so perfectly inside the drip? I don't know.

We then took another ferry over to Burano, where they are expertly skilled in crafting lace, the streets are super cute and the houses are so colourful. A photographers dream I'm sure. 
We all fell in love with Burano and decided to just soak up the atmosphere and laze around. Whilst doing so, a Korean(?) TV show and its presenters introduced themselves and started interviewing us for their travel show. Very unexpected and a little awkward being asked to preform for their camera crew, but we obliged.

More pretty houses and crooked towers were to follow.

That tower had a serious lean right that.

In stark contrast to the brightly coloured Burano and artistic Murano was another island we could see in the distance. It was a bit creepy to tell the truth and it just appeared black, like the sun never shone there. We didn't know any information about it, but assumed something terrible had happened there in the past. As it turns out the dark island in the distance was Torcello island. A once bustling political and trading hub of Venice, which all came to an end when the island suffered an outbreak of malaria and its inhabitants abandoned the island.

The four of us then made our way back to mainland Venice.
Our guide had recommend that we experience Bellini cocktails (which is a famous Venetian cocktail, made from a mixture of Prosecco and peach purée or nectar) at Bacarojazz bar, which just happens to be iconic for being filled with donated bras. No, we didn't contribute our own.

It was fun and the cocktails were exactly what we needed after a long day in the sun, not to mention delicious. 

We finished our time in Venice by having dinner with friends at the hostel bar and one last swim in the pool.

June 7
On our last morning it was another early start and then back onto the bus. We travelled through some wonderful landscapes with scenic mountains and tunnels on our way to Rome. 

Quick Summary

Duration of stay: 3 nights total in Venice (1 day trip to the islands)
Was it enough time?: Maybe? I can't quite decide. I saw a lot and loved it, but we had planned on going swimming while on the islands but ran out of time.
Where we stayed: Camping Village Jolly
Time of Year: June
Best memories: Seeing the colourful houses of Burano with my new friends.
Worst memories: Chris getting sick and missing one of the best days.
Top tip: Venice is expensive, pack food for your lunch or buy at local supermarket.
Next time: I would leave on the ferry earlier to allow more time for activities
Murano and Burano in a few words: Unique, colourful, picturesque 
Recommended?: Yes, but try not to go in peak season.
Overall experience: 9/10
Next destination: Rome, Italy

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