Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Pregnancy diaries || Week 30 - Getting vaccinated

Week 30

The big three oh, means that I am 3/4 of the way there, hopefully! Unless I go past my due date.

Lee and Holly visited again this weekend. Initially I had a pretty good week again with no new symptoms and very little to complain about except for being a bit tired. If you feel like I am sugar coating pregnancy due to my lack of symptoms, I'm trying to be as honest as possible I swear. It just hasn't been a bad experience for me so far. My Mum loved being pregnant, in fact straight after she birthed my brother she joked that she could be a surrogate. A comment that her doctor didn't see the humour in. So apart from me getting morning sickness during the first trimester and already being the size she was when she was full term (me and my brother were little babies). It sounds like I am following in her foot steps.

On Tuesday I got my Flu vaccination which is strongly recommended for pregnant women to get, as it helps to protect the baby when she is suddenly exposed to all of these new germs and viruses, as she already has built up some immunity. A few hours after the jab I was feeling very tired and went home from work early, heading straight to bed when I walked in the door. I woke up the next morning and almost didn't go into work due to a pounding headache, back ache and nausea. I pushed on through and made it through the work day, just. My body has never responded that way to a flu vaccine before so I guess it's either pregnancy related or that this years strains are stronger than normal. Although a few of my work colleagues (who aren't pregnant) had similar symptoms, so I guess it's just this years dose.  Still no regrets in getting it, as I would prefer my mild symptoms over my baby getting a full blown flu when she arrives in the middle of winter. I'm tough, I can hack it.

How far along?: 30 weeks!
Gender?: Girl
Maternity clothes?: Yes, dresses are my saviour! Not having a waist band cutting into your bump is the best.
Stretch marks?: Yes, they are gradually spreading further and getting darker
Belly button in or out?: It looks like "a pair of lips" but hasn't popped yet
Sleep?: Mostly pretty good, but I do get more tired throughout the day than I used to.
Best Moment of the week?: Hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend
Worst Moment of the week?: Feeling crappy after the flu shot
Miss anything?: Being in control of my own body, it doesn't feel much like my body anymore.
Movement?: YES! Lots of movement
Cravings?: Hot chips and tomato sauce
Queasy or sick?:No
Looking forward to?: Starting antenatal classes
Mood/emotional state?: Wonderful, for the most part I'm very happy

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